About Calvary

Church History

What started out as a couple of families meeting on the front porch of a farm house has turned into 3 and 4 generations of families learning, trusting and living for God together.

From a farm house, to the women's club, to the property on Market Street where we now congregate, God has constantly reminded us that our church is not a building. Church is the gathering together the followers of Christ.

For over 40 years Calvary has tried to stay faithful to lifting up the truth of who Jesus Christ is. We hope you will join the journey with us as God becomes more and more real in your life.

-Pastor Don Reynolds


Calvary Baptist Church's Mission

At Calvary Baptist Church it  is our desire that Calvary be a place where you find the answers to life's most important questions. If there is anything we can do to help you take the next step in your journey with God, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would  also love to see you at one of our services. Everything we do is done with the perspective that there are only two things that will last for all of eternity: The souls of mankind and God's Word. In light of these truths, we believe it is God's Word that guides mankind into all truth. We hope to be a blessing to your life as you seek what we are all seeking...truth, about your business here.


Visiting Calvary Baptist Church

Come As You Are

Calvary is a friendly, welcoming place. We are more concerned about who you are and who God wants us all to become than with petty issues and concerns. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome. 


You can park in any parking space you would like. If you need assistance park in front of the door and we will help you inside and park your vehicle.  

Kid Friendly

The youth ministries are set up for all ages from infant through teens.  Calvary wants this to be the best hour of their week! While you enjoy a worship service designed for you, your children will enjoy teaching just for them. We’d love to meet your entire family. 

No Expectations

If it’s your first time at Calvary, you won’t be singled out or be asked to give a dime, unless you choose to give. Remain as anonymous as you want. As you visit over several weeks you’ll see everything that Calvary has to offer you. 

Hearing Assistance and Visual Presentation

We have hearing assistance devices are available at the sound booth in the rear of the sanctuary. 

Calvary also utilizes HD projectors to display information on three screens. 

We use our Bibles at Calvary

We believe the Bible is God's word for mankind to live by; the source of absolute truth. If you have one, bring it - if you need one, we have very nice ones you can use and keep.